Welcome to Jokkmokk's digital market

This year’s market – the cultural events, meeting place and marketplace – is going digital. Instead of mingling in the usual crowds at the market, we will be sending live from Jokkmokk. You will find unique products and treasures from the market here. Listen to fascinating lectures and emerge yourself in exciting tales from our part of the world. Meet individuals from the world of culture and the arts, as well as entrepreneurs from our area. Hear the “jojk” and the music. Welcome to this year’s digital, wintery celebration in the heart of Sábme, the land of the Sami.

Events and happenings

Areas to visit

What’s happening and when? You can access the program for the market here.

Join us on location at the studio in Jokkmokk. People. Encounters. Culture. Humor. Activities. And much more. Primarily in Swedish.

You can access the exhibitions, concerts, lectures, and so on here.

Online shopping without the crowds. Follow this link to the marketplace, hosted on

Encounter Jokkmokk

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