Jokkmokk Market 2022

6-7-8 February 2025

Frequently asked questions

According to old tradition, the market always starts on the first Thursday in February and lasts for three intense days. There are various activities going on throughout the week.

The large market with all sales, all different activities and events lasts for three days; Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

No. However, there are entry fees to various lectures, concerts and the like. See the program for more information about each event.

We will start posting program items on the web as soon as they are finished. The printed program is usually available in December.

It can be ordered from the Jokkmokk Info Center, +46 971-222 50 or It is also available at all tourist offices in Norrbotten.

The Jokkmokk market takes place in the middle of the winter, so it can be really cold. In 2012, the temperature reached below -40°C, but such temperatures are unusual. Some years it is even above 0°C.

In addition to solid outerwear, it is important to have warm shoes, a hat that cover your ears and good gloves/mittens. Generally, it is good to dress in several layers. If you still get cold, there are many warm places with sales, exhibitions, food and more to visit.

You can fly to Luleå or Gällivare for further transport by bus or rental car. By train you go to the station Murjek (located between Boden and Gällivare) from there there is a road bus to Jokkmokk in connection with the trains. The Inlandsbanan train line has its own chartered trips.

There is currently no central ticket booking office. See the program for instructions for purchasing tickets for each event.

In an average year, there are 35,000-45,000 visitors in Jokkmokk during the three market days. In extreme cold, it is significantly less, but almost always over 20,000 people. There are about 3,000 inhabitants in Jokkmokk.

There are plenty of parking spaces in the Industrial Area at the entrance, road 97. Follow the signs that are available from all entrances. Parking hosts are on site to give directions. The parking fee goes in full to a non-profit association. Please respect the parking and stop signs in and around central Jokkmokk. They are there to avoid traffic problems.

Bus parking for chartered buses can be found on the Östra Skolan (Eastern School) football field, among other places, but as it is partly occupied car parking for school staff, other places for buses may be added. Ask Infocenter for up-to-date information.

There are some centrally located handicapped accessible parking spaces. Contact Infocenter at the beginning of the market week for more information about where they are located.

No, there is no parking places with rentable engine heater power.