Jokkmokk Market 2022

6-7-8 February 2025

Videos from the Jokkmokk market

What is the Jokkmokk market really about, and what kind of experiences are there that makes the market unique? Here you can see a collection of videos about the market. Some are reports on specific topics, while others only show the feeling and mood that the market creates. Live broadcasts during this year’s market are also posted here.

Video description

The work behind the reindeer races (in Swedish with English subtitles, 2021).

The reindeer race is a unique event and one of the big attractions during Jokkmokk’s market. How are reindeer selected for the fast-paced competition? How do you get the animals used to wearing a harness and pulling a sled? Meet Rickard Länta and his nephew Per Ailo who selects and works with the reindeer used in the races.

This video was part of Jokkmokk’s digital market in 2021.